Saturday, May 21, 2011

Small Trees For Small Gardens

One, a tree of small or medium enterprise, and carefully placed shadows and visual impact, just small sites. Gardens, small trees have a significant impact on the landscape and should be chosen carefully. Winter strength, resistance to diseases and insects are the characteristics of welcome. When the wood shop, consider the color of the structure, bark and leaves, berries, winter, autumn leaves and winter silhouette.

Thorn less honey locust (tricanthos Gledetsia) is a great tree for the urban garden, patio or small garden. The fine texture of small leaves and the crown of acacia open license sun dappled through the filter in the garden. Generally, sufficient light under these trees to allow the growth of the plants some shade and grass.

For a cylindrical screen of the Year Green Dwarf Magnolia 'Little Gem'

(Magnolia grand flora) grows about 15-20 feet and can be regularly cut, and a long, narrow appearance. 'Little Gem' produces a pleasant aroma of white flowers and roots is a non-invasive. Several dwarf fruit trees grown narrow-format 'hub'.

Flowering cherry (Prunes sp.) Most flowers produce clusters of fragrant pink or white before the leaves in spring. Flowering cherries prefers full sun and well drained soil and reach about 15-25 feet.

Flowering Dogwoods (Corns Florida) as cherry, grows about 25 "tall and produces large pink, white or cream flowers in spring. Even layered branching structure gives a beautiful silhouette of a dogwood winter months.

For a formal evergreen, choose spruce ('conical' Pica glace) foliage for robust and manageable size. This reliable perennial 4-6 feet in the sand, clay or loam.

The River Birch (Bitola Ingra) grows upright with a silhouette shaped pyramid. With the silhouette attractive bark, persistent kittens, interesting and well-branched, gray birch seedlings is a striking winter landscape, especially in light of the dark green evergreens. Gray birch will grow about 2 'per year and tolerate a wide wild soil conditions. Planted in a group that could Birch River create a delicate tracery of branches enjoyable. By itself, spectacular silhouette against a clump of green trees and the sky.

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